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This is our last week of service until June 7, 2017. See our new summer specials below!


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Pasta du Jour     19

A student inspired rendition of a time-tested classic...your server will explain this evening's selection

Salad du Jour

A seasonal arrangement of fresh greens, garnishes and house-made dressing

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About Us

Bistro 712 is the student-run, chef-facilitated restaurant at the Lakeshore Culinary Institute, the culinary arts program of Lakeshore Technical College. Both the Culinary Arts Associate Degree and the Culinary Arts Technical Diploma are offered. Students are engaged in a hands-on, immersion program in the culinary and hospitality fields through the operation of a unique bistro-style restaurant. Stop in to dine in Sheboygan by the riverfront. Our students hope that you join us for dinner, whether as part of your travels to Door County or as your favorite local place to eat. Bistro 712 provides students with a meaningful educational experience that prepares them to develop the necessary skills to meet the time pressure, volume, and customer service demands of area employers.

Sigfried Jin

Living the Dream

As an 18-year-old second-year college student, Sigfried Jin found himself in a tough spot two years ago. He was a high school junior who had enough credits to earn his high school diploma. He was ready to be done with school for good but his troubled first years of high school raised a red flag with his principal and teachers at Central High School in Sheboygan.

“My mentors at Central knew I wasn’t living at home,” Jin, the oldest of five children, explained. “They knew I had started out my freshman year getting into trouble and skipping school repeatedly. They also knew I’d turned my life around and was headed in the right direction. That’s why they took me aside and asked me to re-think my plan. When I saw they believed in me I began to believe in myself and look at my future further than a few months down the road.”

Once he decided to stay at Central for his senior year, Jin’s mentors encouraged him to take college-level courses through LTC so he could explore a career and also earn college credit. “I fell in love with cooking during a class my junior year. So I chose the Culinary track and attended LTC’s Lakeshore Culinary Institute,” he said. “Then I continued on after high school and became a full-time college student in 2016.”

Knowing that he had no way to pay for college, Jin applied for financial aid and scholarships, worked multiple jobs, and is proud to say he is on track to graduate in 2018 with an associate degree—and no student debt. He is the recipient of LTC’s Promise Scholarship.

The LTC Promise Scholarships aim to give this same advantage to more high school seniors. Across the Lakeshore more than one third of graduating seniors live in households which are unable to contribute financially toward a college education. The LTC Promise Scholarships can make a college education possible for many of these students.