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The restaurant is closed until September 15 for semester break.

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Bistro 712 is the student-run, chef-facilitated restaurant at the Lakeshore Culinary Institute, the culinary arts program of Lakeshore Technical College. Both the Culinary Arts Associate Degree and the Culinary Arts Technical Diploma are offered. Students are engaged in a hands-on, immersion program in the culinary and hospitality fields through the operation of a unique bistro-style restaurant. Stop in to dine in Sheboygan by the riverfront. Our students hope that you join us for dinner, whether as part of your summer travels to Door County or as your favorite local place to eat. Bistro 712 provides students with a meaningful educational experience that prepares them to develop the necessary skills to meet the time pressure, volume, and customer service demands of area employers.

Cora Bollwahn

cora bollwahn featured student chef

"I started as a dishwasher." Meet Cora Bollwahn, the recipient of the Kohler Scholarship through the Lakeshore Technical College Foundation. Her first job as a dishwasher at Kohler's Private Riverbend location created the opportunity for her to meet a Lakeshore Culinary Institute student who was completing an internship. This chance meeting inspired Cora's enrollment at the Lakeshore Culinary Institute. "I've developed an understanding of sustainability." She explains a concern for food sourcing and product utilization. "I like to showcase products that were locally sourced, for example the Lake Orchard Aquaponics farm."  Her passion for perfection is exemplified in her approach. "It's no longer good enough. I change just one ingredient or the quality of an ingredient to improve overall quality."